Commercial Gaskets of New York: Refrigeration and oven gaskets, complete door hardware supply, thermal curtains, and custom stainless steel work, in the Metropolitan New York City area.  Call us at 212-244-8130 for your free estimate today!
We inspect, manufacture, and install refrigeration, freezer, and oven gaskets.  Gaskets are manufactured to OEM specifications.
We are fully insured!
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"Your NYC Inspection is OUR
inspection. Let's make
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  • We have a 24-48 hour turnaround with some SAME DAY SERVICE
available. EMERGENCY SERVICES provided.

  • All work quotes are FREE with absolutely NO OBLIGATION.

  • We custom make your gaskets in our factory.

  • We do our work around your kitchen schedule so we don’t interfere with
your busy times.

  • All commercial kitchens serviced-Restaurants, Hotels, Airports, Sports
Arenas, Corporate Dining, Cruise Ships, Schools, Theatres, Country
Clubs, etc.

  • Ask us for a REFERENCE.  You can speak directly with anyone in our

     If you’re not talking to STEWART, you’re not talking to Commercial Gaskets
     of New York, Inc.

     in New York City.
Commercial Gaskets is the leader in specialized refrigeration and oven gaskets.  We manufacture and install custom gaskets for commercial refrigerators and ovens.  A cracked, loose, leaking or non-existent door gasket leads to warm box temperatures, spoiled food, high energy consumption and heavy frost build-up on evaporators and holding plates.  There are as many different types of gaskets as there are manufacturers.
Commercial Gaskets of New York makes your gaskets to OEM specifications.  They fit correctly.  A trained technician will perform an inspection of your refrigerator and freezer gaskets, followed by a detailed estimate of repairs.  We also repair refrigerator and oven doors and hinges.
Let’s be frank- The bottom line in business is YOUR bottom line.
If food spoilage if UP, your profits are DOWN.
If health department violations are UP and you don’t have a grade A, your patron numbers are DOWN.
If refrigerator condensers are working overtime to compensate for torn or leaking gaskets, temperatures are UP and your equipment will eventually break DOWN.
Commercial Gaskets of New York turns DOWNS into UPS.
We will detail our findings and explain your options.  We will also review the other products and services our company offers.
New York City

  • Refrigeration & Oven Gaskets

  • Complete Door Hardware Supply

  • Thermal Curtains

  • Custom Stainless Steel Work

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